Referral Programme

Help to grow network usage and network scale and earn rewards.

The success of the Edge Network depends on the support of its community. These referral programmes are designed to support community efforts in bringing business to Edge and helping to scale the network.

New Business

Edge provides a generous referral programme for new business to the network.

The referral programme pays 10% of revenue for any business introduced.

Full stop. Forever.

Contributing Nodes

Introduce a new contributing node to the network and you will recieve a one off reward of 10 $XE.

This applies to every node that you introduce.

Network growth reward programme is under the control of network governance

Spreading the Word

Individuals who help to positively promote the network in social channels may be rewarded from time to time with ad-hoc thank-you's from the core team.

Referral Codes

The referral programme is now live

Accessing the referral programme is simple: every Edge account has a referral code available within the account section. Simply share your referral code with the provided link - starting - from your account dashboard. Anyone that then uses the link is automatically attributed to your account, and you will earn rewards as a percentage of their usage.

Referral rewards are paid out monthly in $XE and will be visible within your Edge account.

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