What Is an Edge Node?

An Edge node is a computing device that is connected to the Edge Network in order to contribute its spare capacity. Edge nodes earn $XE coins in return for this, and these can be used to purchase services from the network, or they can be swapped for $EDGE tokens, which can be traded.

Who Can Run an Edge Node?

At the moment the software for running an Edge node is only available for Linux. However versions are being made available for Windows, OSX and mobile devices.

What Is a Stargate?

Stargates are Edge masternodes. They are responsible for the routing and security in the network, for monitoring resources and for controlling the payout contract.

What Is a Gateway?

Gateways are Edge masternodes. They are responsible for connectivity in the network and act as the entry points for end user requests.

What Is a Host?

Hosts are Edge nodes responsible for the provision of computational power and storage within the network.

Is Edge Proof of Work or Proof of Stake?

Edge operates a hybrid model of proof of stake and proof of work. Proof of stake is used to help to secure the network, with a stake required to operate a node. Proof of work is used to distribute yield based on the jobs that nodes successfully complete in the network.
Last modified 7mo ago