Weekly Updates

As part of Edge's ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community.




07th August

31st July

Storage, Account, Index & Explorer

24th July

Major Account System Updates

17th July

Account System, Website & Multi-SG

10th July

Lottery, account API and multi-Stargate

03rd July

26th June

19th June

12th June

05th June

29th May

Internal Metrics, Gateway & Revenue Burn

22nd May

Reducing the Cost of Staking

15th May

08th May

01st May

Edge Server Metrics

24th April

Real-Time Server Metrics

17th April

Account API & Staking GUI

10th April

03rd April

Host, Gateway & CLI Updates

27th March

Transaction Fees and The Edge Lottery

20th March

Lottery Development and Multiple Network Releases

13th March

Explorer API Updates and Network Transaction Fees

06th March

Roadmap Prioritisation

27th February

The First Network Revenue Burn

20th February

A First Community Goverenance Proposal

13th February

2023 Roadmaps

06th February

The Size of the First Burn

30th January

The 200th weekly update!

23rd January

Multi-Stargate, Explorer Update and More

16th January

Multiple Stargate Support

09th January

Instigating an XE Burn

02nd January

Future Vision


26th December

2022 TL;DR

19th December

It's Christmas!

12th December

Governance Launches

05th December

Governance Update and Future Roadmaps

28th November

Governance Participation

21st November

Governance Update

14th November

$XE Cold Storage

07th November

Project Governance

31st october

Customer Support Now Live

24th October

Account, Explorer & Host Updates

17th October

A Slew of Network Updates

10th October

Edge Content Delivery is Now Live

03rd October

CDN, launching soon!

26th September

Edge CDN, Mudas and Much More...

19th September

Content Delivery usage metrics

12th September

Edge DNS, Edge Servers & Edge Content Delivery

05th September

Edge DNS is Now Live!

29th August

Edge DNS Integration

22nd August

Edge DNS, Stargate and Gateway

15th August

Edge Accounts Now Live

08th August

Hypervisors, CDN and Latency

01st August

Stargate, Gateway & CLI Updates

25th July

FIAT Payments

18th July

The Tokenomics of the Account System

11th July

Edge Accounts and Fiat Payments

04th July

Edge Accounts, Explorer, Index and Wallet

27th June

Edge Accounts, Caching and Stargate

20th June

Gateway, Mudas and a Competition

13th June

A Huge Increase in Staked Supply

06th June

Edge DNS Performance

30th May

Account System, Payouts and DNS

23rd May

Edge Servers, Accounts and Marketing

16th May

Edge servers

02nd May

Customer Portal and an Update on Mudas

25th April

Explorer, Wallet and Performance Monitoring

18th April

Node Data

11th April

Node Data Aggregation and Visualisation

04th April

Introducing Mudas Capital

28th March

Host Earnings

21st March

Node Updates, Mobile Wallet and More

14th March

XE iOS Wallet Open Beta

07th March

Mainnet Deployments, iOS Wallet and More

28th February

Automated Network Earnings Live

21st February

Mobile Wallet, CDN v2 And Much More…

14th February

Blockchain, Index and Wallet Updates

07th February

Network Growth and In-Wallet Staking

31st January

Explorer, Bridge and Network Earnings

24th January

XE Mobile Wallet and Blockchain v1.5.1

17th January

XE Wallet Open-Sourced and Much More...

10th January

Stargate, Gateway and Host Updates

03rd January

Stargate, Index, CLI and Staking Updates


20th December

Merry Christmas!

13th December

Device Onboarding Now Live

06th December

CLI, Explorer, Wallet and Index releases

29th November

Stakes Added to The XE Explorer

22nd November

Haven Protocol Partnership

15th November

New Exchange Listing: MEXC

08th November

Cross Device CLI and Network Staking

01st November

XE Testnet Faucet

25th October

Public XE Testnet

18th October

On-Chain Variables and Staking Now Live

11th October

Trusted Wallet Status, CLI and Mobile Apps

04th October

Wallet Index, Edge CLI & the XE Mobile App

27th September

Wallet Exchange Functionality

20th September

Marketing and the Token Economy

13th September

Roadmaps, Wallet, Bridge & Explorer

06th September

$EDGE Token Launch and Bridge Opening

30th August

Network v2, CLI and Mobile Wallet

23rd August

XE Explorer, Wallet and Network v2

16th August

XE Explorer Launch

09th August

XE Explorer and Founding Nodes

02nd August

Network Bridge Opening Date Announced

26th July

On–Chain Staking

19th July

The Design of the XE Explorer

12th July

XE Explorer, Governance and Staking

05th July

Network API, Staking and Roadmaps

28th June

Stargate, Compute and Staking on Chain

21st June

Bridge, Compute and Atomicstore

14th June

$XE, Edge Compute and a New Partnership

07th June

$XE, Edge Compute and Atomic Store

31st May

$XE Wallet Release

24th May

Stargates, Edge Functions and CDN

17th May

$XE Mainnet

10th May

Conversations on the Edge

03rd May

Community Wiki and Ledger Update

26th April

$XE Tokenomics and Distribution

19th April

$XE Explorer and Network Value Attribution

12th April

$XE Branding, Wallet and Development

05th April

$XE Development Update

29th March

Guiding Principles for Network Governance

22nd March

$XE Update, Wallets and Brand Updates

15th March

The Edge Ledger, Bridge and $XE

08th March

Introducing $XE, Edge's Layer 2 Blockchain

01st March

The Edge Blockchain

22nd February

Staking Contracts, Gateway Updates and Edge-CLI

15th February

The Coming Relaunch of $EDGE

08th February

Gateway <> Host Interactions, Governance and Subscriptions in Edit

01st February

The Edge Token and Edge Storage

25th January

Certman and Dynamic Queue

18th January

The Split Out of Console and SSL Automation

11th January

Open Sourced Packages, $EDGE Reissue and Project Governance

04th January

$EDGE Reissue, Real Time Monitoring and Business Growth


14th December

Lightning Cache and Customer News

07th December

CDN Documentation and Certificate Store

30th November

CDN Update, Console and Services

23rd November

Multi-Arch Build Process

16th November

Sync Service and Build Architectures

09th November

Moving Away From Consul

02nd November

Service-Based Networking

26th October

Load Testing, Auth and eCom

19th October

Stargate, Gateway, Host and CDN Updates

12th October

Edge Content Delivery and Network API

05th October

Edit and Consul KV Removal

28th September

Consul Migration and Future Tokenonmics

21st September

TNC, DNS, eCom, Masternodes and CDN

14th September

Moving On From Consul, New Business and CDN

07th September

Edit, API, CDN and Stargates

31st August

Job opportunities, CDN, replacing Consul and Edit eCommerce

24th August

Edit eCom, API and test.network Updates

17th August

CDN Stats and Moving On From Consul

10th August

BGP, CDN and Console Updates

03rd August

Moving On From Consul

27th July

RIPE, eCommerce and Gateway and Stargate

20th July

CDN, Host, Gateway and Stargate

13th July

Network Stats, Gateway and Host Security Udpates and Roadmap Updates

06th July

Edge Roadmap Updates and Monitoring Capabilities for Network API

29th June

CDN Hardening, Migration of Vault and Core Metrics

22nd June

Network Backbone Upgrade, Build Services and RPC Calls

15th June

Infrastructure Upgrades and Content Type Detection in CDN

08th June

Edge Console V1.4, CDN Subscriptions and Email Management

01st June

Subscriptions for CDN Are Live!

25th May

Dynamic Queue Sizing on Gateway and Subscriptions for CDN

18th May

Subscriptions, Infrastructure, Deployment Changes and Request Usage Monitoring

11th May

Gateway Dynamic Queue Sizing, Card Control and Usage Visualisation

04th May

macOS Brew and Adaptive Queue Sizer

27th April

macOS Support for CLI via Homebrew

20th April

CDN Benchmarking and Watch Service for CLI

13th April

Subscription Plans, Billing for CDN in Console and Gateway Updates

06th April

CLI Watch, CDN Performance and Gateway <> Host Subscription System

30th March

Console Updates, macOS Support for CLI and an Enhanced Metadata Filter for CDN

23rd March

CLI Stake Management, Entropy Updates and Email Scheduler

16th March

Public Network Query API, GRPC Delivery and CDN Updates

09th March

Console 1.2.x and Network API 2.3.x

02nd March

Disk Cache Telemetry, Cache Invalidation in CDN and Entropy Updates

24th February

Automated Stake Management, Etag Headers and Console Updates

17th February

Network Computing Award’s, Data Tracking and Edge CLI

10th February

Stake Management and Edge Console

03rd February

Updates for Console, CLI, API and Network CDN

27th January

CDN Updates, FIDO Key Support and Device Names

20th January

Gateway Updates, Roadmap Additions and Network Growth

13th January

CDN Deployments, Diskcache and API 6 to Mainnet

06th January

API 6, Prometheus, Grafana and Edge Console


16th December

Christmas, Diskcache, Http(s) Handlers and Edge-CLI

09th December

Updates to Telemetry and Consul

02nd December

Vault, Diskcache and Locating Stargates

25th November

Network Growth, DNS Services and Caching

18th November

Cache Pre-Warming and Edge CLI

11th November

Network Diagnostics and Content Distribution

04th November

Content Distribution Self-Serve Beta Available Now

28th October

Moving to Daily Earning Data Updates

21st October

Multi-Device On-Boarding and CDN Interfaces

14th October

Editorial Interfaces, ACL and Roadmap Updates

07th October

Explorer Updates, Session Storage and Device Syncing

30th September

Network Updates and the Migration of CDN To Go

23rd September

Device Manager Updates and Backbone Rental News

16th September

Network Updates, Customer News and Automated Earnings

09th September

CDN Releases, API Releases and Security

02nd September

Self Onboarding Updates and Network Development

26th August

Self on Boarding Is Now Ready in the Edge Network πŸ’₯

19th August

Network Traffic Update

12th August

Network Header Extensions and Performance Updates

05th August

Mainnet Updates, Service Updates and Self Service

29th July

Gateway Queue and Core Interaction RPC Methods

22nd July

Customer Updates

15th July

Edge.network Moves To Live

12th July

Mainnet Update, Scaling Capacity and Performance

05th July

Stargate and Gateway Upgrades, Explorer Patches and Brand Updates

28th June

Announcing a Rebrand

21st June

PPA Awards Night, Cannes Lions, New Hires and Site Updates

14th June

Roadmap Updates

07th June

Vault Integration, Network-Wide Security and ACL

31st May

The Integration of Vault Into Consul ACL

24th May

Network Scaling

17th May

Telemetry Service

10th May

Auto SSL Certificate Generation

03rd May

VPC Hopping Solution for Hosts

26th April

Founding Nodes

12th April

Continuous Integration, Delivery Tooling and Network & Core Service Builds

05th April

A New Core Network Service

29th March

Edge Network Explorer

22nd March

Network-Level Data Storage, Consul and Persisted Storage

15th March

Network Telemetry, Ephemeral Storage and OEM Integration

08th March

The First Weekly Update From the Core Team

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