Setup Host using Staking GUI

The community member Pod created software to make staking easier & more convenient.


A couple things before you can use the Staking GUI:

Visual Guide

  1. (Web) Create a Host stake:

  • Click create stake

  • Choose stake type: Host. Enter your password.

  • Click the button to create a stake.

  1. (GUI) Install the latest Edge CLI

  1. (GUI) Assign Device

  • Click "Create & Display Device Token"

  • Copy the device code:

  1. (Web) Assign Device

  • Paste the device code:

  • Wait a few minutes.

  1. (GUI) Start your node.

  • Click the button.

  • The GUI will keep autochecking if your node is online and keep you updated via the status bar.

  1. (GUI) Setup complete!

  1. (Docker, Optional) If you are using Docker Desktop, you may need to enable autostart.

  • Click the gear icon.

  • Check "Start Docker Desktop when you log in"

  1. (GUI, Optional)

  • Enable Autostart

  • Enable Minimized

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