The Edge DAO

This section will be updated as additional definition is added to the DAO

Edge is in the process of migrating to a full Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) – a team of individuals organised around a set of guidelines and processes and dedicated to driving the Edge Network forward.

The DAO is a majority flat structure, comprising the original founders of the project, members of the core development team and members of the advisory board. The DAO has control over Edge Network Technologies Limited, the not for profit organisation that handles relationships with other legal entities, such as RIPE.

DAO participation will be opened up in time, allowing anyone to become a member. The mechanics of this remain under discussion and will be formalised in due course.

You can read about how Edge works here:

Supporting & Advisory Teams

Edge employs individuals from around the world, including engineers, mobile developers, designers and content creators. Edge's advisory team includes David Wilde (formerly the CIO for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Robert Belgrave (CEO at Wirehive and Pax8) and Sean King (formerly CEO of Seven).

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