What's the relationship between Edge and Edit.com?

Edit.com is a platform built by the core team that runs on the Edge Network. It is a content management platform that powers digital products big and small. Every site or app running on Edit uses network services. Edit is in active development and has its own roadmap.

Where Can I Sign Up for Edge CDN?

Edge CDN can be accessed via the Edge Network website or by typing cdn.new into your browser.

When Can I Get My Hands on Edge Object Storage?

Edge Object Storage is currently in active R&D. A proof of concept exists and is currently being tested and evolved. A beta release is expected to be reelased for community testing at some point in 2021, with a first production release expected in 2022.

When Can I Get My Hands on Edge Compute?

Edge Compute is in active testing with early partners. Compute services are aligned to Stargates in the network, and will be made available on a Stargate–region basis. First production release is expected in late 2021 and public release is expected in 2022.

Why Doesn’t Edge Have Feature X?

Edge's vision and roadmaps are extensive, while resource and time is limited. This means that the core team have to prioritise features and focus. These decisions can be influenced by the community through network governance.
Last modified 10mo ago