Project Roadmaps
The project roadmap for Edge provides a guide to the current and upcoming development focus for the platform. The roadmap is maintained at a high level and is deliberately low resolution. Individual work streams have their own development schedules and lists, which are maintained in Git.
The roadmap is updated regularly as priorities change and new requirements are confirmed

Technical Roadmap

17th May
31st May
16th August
09th September
09th September
Explorer Wallet View
17th September
Console Mothballed
30th September
01st October
08th October
Explorer Token Stats
2021 Payouts Processed
On-Chain Staking
Command Line Interface for Staking
Public Testnet for Network V2
Stargate V2
Gateway V2
Host V2
Mainnet Device Onboarding & Migration
VPS Public Beta
XE iOS and Android Wallet
Community Governance
Daily Earnings
PAYG Payments in Crypto
New Customer Facing Website
Migration of CDN Customers to Edge Network V2
Migration of DNS Customers to Edge Network V2
VPS Mainnet Launch
Integrate Node Explorer with XE Explorer
PAYG Payments in FIAT
Storage Beta
Storage Mainnet Launch
Higher Frequncy Node Payouts
Desktop Host Version
Streaming Video Support in CDN
Edge Functions Public Beta
Edge DB Public Beta
Edge Shield Public Beta

Rolling Priorities

Alongside specific technical milestones there are high level project goals that the core team are working towards. These include moving the project to a full open source footing; moving to full decentralisation in all areas of the network stack; preferencing anonymity and privacy; and deeply embedding community governance throughout the project's organisational structures.
The nature of these tasks is such that it isn't possible to schedule them as finite deliveries. Rather they are understood by the entire team as objectives, and are consistently being worked towards.
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