"Conversations on the Edge" was a series of audio shorts discussing the Edge Network and how it is poised to change the Internet.

Episode 38, 11th February 2022

Introducing the Edge Network marketing consultation – we’re about to change gear when it comes to outreach and we want your input. Listen, then head to Discord to discuss.

Episode 37, 04th February 2022

Why we open source: this week we talk about the tech strategy and philosophy for Edge Network and how all roads lead to DAO.

Episode 36, 28th January 2022

Time to get involved: the shape of the Edge Network community and how you can have a say in the future of our project. It begins with active new roles in Discord – the start of our road to DAO. Listen to find out more.

Episode 35, 21st January 2022

The world according to Edge: what global reach means to us and why we’re able to offer market-leading cloud services wherever you live.

Episode 34, 13th January 2022

The last 12 months were big for crypto and HUGE for Edge. This week, we review the year that was 2021 and look forward to 2022.

Episode 33, 24th December 2021

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3 – but what is Web3 and why does it matter? And how does Edge Network fit into its decentralised future?

Episode 32, 17th December 2021

Using Dropbox or Google Drive to store and share files? Upgrade to a faster and greener Web3 alternative by – you guessed it – Edge Network. Here's te lowdown on why you need to join the waitlist.

Episode 31, 10th December 2021

Interest in Edge Network has never been higher, so this week’s Conversations on the Edge is one for the noobs – and a reminder for the rest of the community as to why we’re Faster, Greener and More Secure.

Episode 30, 03rd December 2021

More digital brands are choosing to host projects on Edge Network as each week passes. This week, we run through the headline network customers and talk about why they are pioneers.

Episode 29, 27th November 2021

We've been busy. Record $EDGE token transactions, exchange announcements and a new launch for Haven Protocol on Edge Network. Time to check in with founder Joseph Denne on all this, plus plans for 2022.

Episode 28, 19th November 2021

We announced a new exchange this week – what does that mean for $EDGE and what is our strategy for building the token community? Listen to find out.

Episode 27, 12th November 2021

Weighing up whether to buy $EDGE tokens? Thinking about earning revenue by contributing to Edge Network? Want to find out how the roots of our project go all the way back to 2013? Then you want Edge Wiki. Here's an intro to the home of all Edge knowledge.

Episode 26, 05th November 2021

Running a project on blockchain? Want the chance to host your website or digital product on Edge Network for free? Listen up – we're about to launch a campaign to support crypto business.

Episode 25, 29th October 2021

Are you proud of your cloud? Does anyone in your business even think about the impact of your digital services on the environment? Here's how Edge Network can make your digital products look good.

Episode 24, 22nd October 2021

What is CDN? A deeper dive into just one of the applications offered by Edge Network – now in active use with over 70 digital brands.

Episode 23, 15th October 2021

So you want to be a part of Edge Network. You want to to earn revenue for contributing spare capacity from your laptop or desktop machine as soon as possible. Here’s how to be ready…

Episode 22, 08th October 2021

‘Tech for good’ isn’t only about code, it’s a code of practice. And it starts by being open about our mission – in this week's episode we talk about transparency and fairness, from weekly updates to the power of the crowd.

Episode 21, 01st October 2021

The Edge of reality: blockchain needs real projects to provide value beyond its tokens – and Edge, with its live products and customers, is proof of this. Listen to find out why.

Episode 20, 24th September 2021

With $EDGE now released and value on the rise, it’s time to think about staking – and your chance to earn revenue for contributing to Edge Network. This week – on our 20th episode! – we tell you why.

Episode 19, 17th September 2021

This week's Conversations on the Edge invites you to plant trees – but because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

Episode 18, 10th September 2021

Edge Network uses your private devices to store its data – and that’s what makes it more secure than the traditional cloud. This week's Conversations on the Edge tells you why.

Episode 17, 03rd August 2021

The world needs more and more Internet and the technology of Edge Network is the only digital infrastructure solution. On this week’s episode, we explain why.

Episode 16, 27th August 2021

This week, why switching digital services to Edge Network will make your business greener, faster and more cost-effective. It's a change you can make right now using CDN...

Episode 15, 20th August 2021

In a changing world we need a more sustainable internet – and that begins with cloud infrastructure. This week, we examine how Edge Network is part of a new generation of technology for cleaner cloud services.

Episode 14, 13th August 2021

Edge Network harnesses the power of people to change cloud services – and with it the world. We call it 'crowd infrastructure', and this episode of Conversations on the Edge explains how you can be a part of it.

Episode 13, 06th August 2021

Most of you probably know Edge Network is powered by blockchain technology, but did you know why? Or how? This explainer has all the answers – listen, and then wonder why you're not already a customer or contributor to the network.

Episode 12, 30th July 2021

The Edge Network team returns for another edition of Conversations on the Edge – this time about the exponential rise in demand for digital services. Can traditional cloud infrastructure cope? How does Edge Network promise to change things for the better?

Episode 11, 23rd July 2021

How does Edge Network keep safe the data entrusted to it by its clients? How does it compare to traditional cloud services? In this latest episode we talk to Edge founder Joseph Denne and the network’s Blockchain Lead, Adam K Dean about security.

Episode Ten, 16th July 2021

It's episode 10 of Conversations on the Edge and we focus on content delivery. Edge CDN is the real-world opportunity to move your digital business to the 'future cloud' for faster and greener apps and websites. It's not all about performance, either – Edge CDN is a feature-rich market leader in its own right.

Episode Nine, 09th July 2021

This week: Edge Network and security. Is your data any more secure in the traditional cloud because it is locked up miles away on massive servers in fortress factories? Spoiler alert: no. It just makes access to that data slower and more expensive.

Episode Eight, 02nd July 2021

Edge offers enhanced network performance for optimal user experience – an ideal application for media brands. This week's Conversations on the Edge looks at how Edge Network helps digital media services differentiate, from providing lightning-fast page load to carbon-efficient technology.

Episode Seven, 25th June 2021

Every time you so much as move on the Internet, someone profits from your action – and in almost half of all cases that will be Google, Amazon or Microsoft. This week's Conversations on the Edge looks at how Edge Network seeks to share revenue from digital services and why that will make the Internet a fairer place.

Episode Six, 19th June 2021

Is the cloud really just smog? This week in Conversations on the Edge, we examine digital infrastructure and carbon footprint – does the industry need to clean up its act? And does Edge Network offer the technology to do this? (Spoiler alert: yes.)

Episode Five, 11th June 2021

Half of the Internet is hosted by just three companies. Is that fair? This week in Conversations on the Edge, we look at the network that powers our new digital society – and how it should be in the hands of the many, not the few.

Episode Four, 04th June 2021

We’re on the cusp of unprecedented demand for data storage and traditional infrastructure just won’t cut it. In our fourth episode of Conversations on the Edge, we discuss the future of the Internet – and why we need a new cloud.

Episode Three, 28th May 2021

Episode three in our new series of audio shorts deals with localisation. Our team discusses Edge as the local-global network – how nodes located in home and offices everywhere reduces the distance between storage and consumption and builds a greener internet.

Episode Two, 21st May 2021

The second instalment in our new series of audio shorts discussing Edge Network and how it is poised to help change the Internet. This week, we examine how Edge reuses the hardware all around us to build the future cloud – a faster and greener digital infrastructure that scales with future demand.

Episode One, 14th May 2021

This week, our host talks to founders Joseph Denne and Chris Mair about fairness – whether the future of the web is in the hands of too few people and how Edge technology is designed to redress the balance.

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