To attract the best people we have to be flexible – and trust our people to work however suits them.We think it makes Edge a pretty special place to work.

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"We don't do 'hack' or 'innovation' days because everyday, engineers get to personally innovate. We don't piggy-back off old technology or patch and hack our way to delivering something we aren't proud of. We research and experiment with bleeding edge technologies and collaborate to build out the perfect set of platform services. We peer review and share vital engineering knowledge, encouraging each other to step up and embrace the most challenging of technical tasks.

"All of those things are awesome." – Arthur Mingard, Edge Core Team


Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fill the time allotted for it. No matter the size of the task, it will often take precisely the amount of time you set aside to do it, because more time means more deliberation & procrastination.

We hold this to be true and actively work to counteract it. The core team at Edge is deliberately small and fast moving, allowing a high level of flexibility, ensuring that the project retains the ability to pivot as stakeholder requirements evolve.

Work Asynchronously

Individual team members more or less works at their own pace, with collaboration and agreement being handled by asynchronous mechanisms.

No 9 to 5

Get the job done on time (and don't upset the client) and you can work the hours you want.

Work at Your Own Pace

We handle things like collaboration and sign off through the best tools for the job, all in support of asynchronous working.

Minimal Meetings

Unless we really need to powwow in person, we keep in touch using cloud-based tools like Slack (much more efficient, believe us).

Work Where You Want

Yes, be diligent, stick to deadlines and do great work. But where and how you do it is up to you.


  • A job that works around your life (not the other way round)

  • Work with some of the most talented people in the world

  • No need to commute

  • No need to be tied to a desk

  • Plenty of excuses to meet up with the rest of the team

  • Work on things you'll love

  • Get paid for giving a shit

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