Guiding Principles

Governance in the Edge Network is designed to be:

  1. Participatory. Community participation is key to the success of the network. Governance must be informed and organised.

  2. Consensus Oriented. There will be multiple points of view for each aspect of the network. The governance mechanism is designed to facilitate healthy and open debate.

  3. Accountable. Proposals that are raised through the governance mechanism must be followed up on by the core team.

  4. Transparent. Information must be freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by the proposals raised through governance.

  5. Responsive. Proposals should be responded to within a reasonable timeframe.

  6. Effective and Efficient. The governance mechanism should produce results that balance the needs of stakeholders while making the best use of the resources at hand.

  7. Equitable and Inclusive. There should be no barriers to community involvement in governance.

Guidelines for the Core Team

The core team must abide by these guiding principles in relation to project governance, and publish proposals for any change to the network that materially impacts:

  1. The tokenomics of the network

  2. The involvement of the community in network governance

  3. The ability of the community to contribute capacity to the network

  4. The operation of the network as a services layer for Web3

  5. Live or planned services on top of the network

Furthermore, no movement in the $XE held within the growth fund may be made without a proposal being raised and passed by the community.

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