Community Leads

Edge has two full time community admins. They are flagged as Community Managers in Discord and as Admins in Telegram.

Senior members of the community are occasionally promoted to the role of community lead. Community leads are the step up to help other members of the community; help to maintain a posititve and welcoming environment; and keep themselves up to date on all things Edge.

If you would like to assist the project as a community lead, please reach out directly to a member of the core team. Your support in this area will be greatly appreciated.

WARNING: Do NOT accept help from somebody private messaging you claiming to be a member of the core team or a Community manager! This is a common scam technique designed to talk you into giving up information that can allow bad actors to steal your funds. NEVER give out wallet seed phrases! There is absolutely no reason for any member of the team to request this information.

If a team member sees a need to continue support in private, they will publicly ask YOU to message them first.

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