Weekly Updates
As part of Edge's ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community.


27th June
Edge Accounts, Caching and Stargate
20th June
Gateway, Mudas and a Competition
13th June
A Huge Increase in Staked Supply
06th June
Edge DNS Performance
30th May
Account System, Payouts and DNS
23rd May
Edge Servers, Accounts and Marketing
16th May
Edge servers
02nd May
Customer Portal and an Update on Mudas
25th April
Explorer, Wallet and Performance Monitoring
18th April
Node Data
11th April
Node Data Aggregation and Visualisation
04th April
Introducing Mudas Capital
28th March
Host Earnings
21st March
Node Updates, Mobile Wallet and More
14th March
XE iOS Wallet Open Beta
07th March
Mainnet Deployments, iOS Wallet and More
28th February
Automated Network Earnings Live
21st February
Mobile Wallet, CDN v2 And Much More…
14th February
Blockchain, Index and Wallet Updates
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