Core Team
Edge runs a majority flat structure, with a core team and advisory board overseeing the platform and feeding in to the day-to-day maintenance and development of the technology.
You can read about how Edge works here: https://edge.network/en/culture

Senior Team

Joseph Denne

Joseph is one of the founders of Edge, and the visionary behind the decentralised architecture of the Edge network. He is an expert in multi-agent and blockchain technologies as well as big data and machine learning. He was responsible for Symphony CMS and has 20+ years experience developing data and content platforms.
Joseph was previously Group Technical Director for the Leo Burnett Group, the Founder of Airlock (a multi-award winning technology company), the Technical Director at Chime Communications and a member of the technology board at the BBC. His work is known across the industry and has been recognised with multiple Webby, Lovie, Emmy, Sony and Bafta awards.

Chris Mair

Chris is a strategist and an early blockchain enthusiast, having first invested in Bitcoin in 2011. He is one of the founders of Edge and is the key architect behind the decentralized business strategy. Prior to Edge he was a partner at London based technology company Airlock, where he headed the strategy division.
Before joining Airlock, Chris was the Global Head of Digital Technology for fashion brand Diesel where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the brand’s digital strategy across 33 markets worldwide.

Will Lebens

Will has been founding tech companies since 1998, specialising in content and data management. He leads the solutions and support teams at Edge, focusing on partnerships and the strategic implementation of Edge technology
Will was previously Managing Director for technology company Airlock, where he oversaw all client relationships – and sat on the Senior Management Council at Leo Burnett Group. He was also a Non-Executive Director for Symphony CMS.

Adam K Dean

Adam is the Core Team Lead at Edge and is responsible for XE. He has a background in full stack software development & systems administration, and a keen interest in distributed computing & automation. He has been involved with blockchain and containerisation technologies since 2013, and has participated in community projects including Docker, Deis, and Rancher.
Adam was previously the engineering lead for a major online retailer, where he gained extensive experience across a range of relevant disciplines including virtualization, containerization and networking protocols.

Ravi Chandwani

Ravi is the user experience & design lead at Edge. With over 20 years working as a designer, 18 of those in digital, Ravi has a wealth of experience in creating, developing and implementing design-led projects across a wide range of markets, from fashion to automotive, broadcasting to charity organisations.
Ravi brings strong conceptual and strategic thinking to the team, coupled with an emphasis on core graphic design principles and visualisation. Ravi's in-depth understanding of the production process and technical parameters of the digital landscape help to ensure that Edge remains a leader in user experience for decentralised technology.

Supporting & Advisory Teams

Edge employs 22 individuals around the world, including engineers, mobile developers, designers and content creators. Edge's advisory team includes David Wilde (formerly the CIO for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister), Robert Belgrave (CEO at Wirehive and Pax8) and Sean King (formarly CEO of Seven).
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