Claiming $XE
A distribution of $XE is available to everyone that went through the $EDGE>$TNC swap process in Edge Console.
The swap period for the $EDGE token closed on Thursday, 27th May 2021. Note that unswapped $EDGE can still be used for the payment of network services.
$XE can be claimed by providing your $XE wallet address in Edge Console.
The distribution window for $XE closes at the end of September 2021
Active $EDGE stakes will be automatically swapped for $XE

How to Claim $XE

Step 1: Create an $XE Wallet

Head to wallet.xe.network and select "Create wallet":
Add a password to the wallet to allow for quick future access and then select "Next":
Make sure you store a copy of your private key somewhere secure, like a password manager. Then enter your password and select "Next":
Congratulations! You now have an XE Wallet ready for use.

Step 2: Provide the Address in Edge Console

Make a note of your XE Wallet address and head to Edge Console at: console.edge.network
Once you have signed in, head to your account page and select "XE Wallet" in the left hand menu:
Enter your XE Wallet address and select "Save XE Address". (Note that once you have done this you will not be able to change the address):
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